Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Haiku illustrations from the reading at New Mexico Museum of Art

The New Mexico Museum of Art hosted our reading and booksigning last Sunday. The event was well attended, almost 100 people. The feeling generated was one of great fun, appreciation and a terrific sense of community.

Part of the event included a writing workshop led by Joan Logghe, an illustrating project by Jerry Wellman and  speed haiku led by Ellen Zeiselman.

These images are some of the images illustrating haiku from the book, made during  the illustration workshop.
From Miriam Sagan's Haiku

From Sandra Lynn's Haiku

From Seth Cohen's Haiku

From Stella Reed's Haiku

From Burning Book's Haiku

From Charles Trumbull's Haiku

From Jane Lipman's Haiku

From Marian Olson's Haiku

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